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DITY - Military Moves

Military personnel considering a Do It Yourself (DITY) move should read below.  We have been helping military personnel move their belongings since 1996.  If you are in the military and moving out of state please read below and check out out DITY moving links.   Help-U-Move is committed to helping military personnel relocate quickly, easily and at an affordable rate.

Are you moving out of state and want an alternative to the traditional moving company or rental truck?  Consider a Help-U-Move where we provide the truck for you to load, we transport your belongings and you unload the truck.  Compare our prices to a rental truck or a full service mover and you will see why moving with Help-U-Move is the right move.

How does Help-U-Move work?

1. We arrange for a 28' trailer to be delivered your home, storage facility or other loading point and allow you time to load it.  This can be one hour, several hours or several days, you decide.  You load your furniture and other belongings onto the truck using the space you need only paying for the space you actually use.

2. Call Help-U-Move after you are finished loading and we pick up the loaded trailer.   We then move it back to the terminal where we co-load commercial goods such as computers, TV's or VCR's  into any empty space that remains.

3. Your shipment is then driven to your new hometown where it will be held at our nearby terminal until you are ready to move your belongings  into your new home.  Don't worry if we arrive before you, we can hold your goods at the terminal for 2 days free of charge.

4. Lastly, you unload the trailer and call us to pick up the empty trailer.

The Do It Yourself (DITY) program is a voluntary program which allows service members, or a deceased member's next of kin, to move their House Hold Goods (HHG) personally and be paid an amount equal to 95 percent (effective 2/1/98) of what it would have cost the government. The transportation office must authorize or approve a DITY move. In addition, the member must have orders authorizing Permanent Change of Station (PCS), Temporary Duty (TDY) (with HHG entitlement) or assignment to or from government quarters. The transportation office furnishes the member a DD form 2278 (application for do-it-yourself move and counseling checklist). This form shows the constructive Government Bill of Lading (GBL) or contract cost for moving the HHG.

Help-U-Move's Self Service Moving - You load and we drive
Help-U-Move is one of the largest and oldest self moving companies in the business.  We offer a low cost, hassle free alternative to a rental truck or an expensive full service mover.  Help-U-Move can save you time and money by helping you with your move out of state.  Moving with Help-U-Move is fast, easy and can be a lot less expensive than a full service moving company or renting a truck.   We provide you with a way of safely moving your belongings from one location to another and take the headaches out of moving!  We do this by using some of the best trucks and professional drivers in the industry.

Why use Help-U-Move?

  1. Help-U-Move promises to provide the best customer service.  That is why Help-U-Move is the leading self-service moving company in the USA.  
    References - Help-U-Move is proud of the many letters of recommendation we receive from our many satisfied customers. Please read some of the letters we have decided to share with you. Please click here to read customer letters.
    * We are proud to say that we have never had a law suit filed against us by a customer that moved with us. Not many moving companies can say that!

  2. Help-U-Move is  licensed by the US Department of Transportation - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration  MC# 405160  US DOT web site 

  3. Help-U-Move is registered with Dun and Bradstreet.  Dun & Bradstreet's web site 

  4. 24 hour tracking - We offer 24 hour tracking of all shipments.

  5. Experience - How long has a company been in business? Beware of companies that change names and owners often, this may spell trouble. Ask for the date of incorporation. Don't be fooled by rhetoric and double speak such as 'in the business for' or 'years experience' or 'corporate heritage.' Get the truth, ask for the date of incorporation for the specific company you are dealing with. Help-U-Move has been in the self move business for over 5 years.

  6. Comfort - Which is more comfortable to drive, your car or a rental truck?  If you let us do the driving you can fly or drive in your own comfortable vehicle.

  7. Time - How much longer will the trip take you in a rental truck vs. driving your own car or flying?  Help-U-Move can save you time.

  8. Security - Your goods are important to you and we realize that.  We have never had any of our customers items lost or stolen.  Not many moving companies can say that!

  9. Age - How old is the rental truck you may get?  Will it breakdown and leave you stranded?  Help-U-Move has never had a delay due to equipment failure.

  10. Guarantee - Help-U-Move is one of the few companies that guarantee we will show up on moving day and we put it in writing.

  11. Safety - If you are considering renting a truck make sure you consider the following:
    We only use experienced drivers (primarily union teamsters) that are familiar with driving a big truck in all types of weather. These are professional drivers familiar with the roads, the truck, and practice safe driving for a living. Driving an unfamiliar vehicle on unfamiliar terrain can be tiring, as well as dangerous so consider the safety of you and your family when moving.

Please note, Help-U-Move's price is the complete price. There are no extra or hidden fees. 

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