How Does Help U Move Work

1. Help-U-Move will arrange for a 28' trailer to be delivered to your home, storage facility or other loading point and allow you time to load it. This can be one hour, several hours, overnight or over the weekend, you decide. You load and secure your furniture and other belongings onto the trailer using the space you need only paying for the space you actually use.

2. Call Help-U-Move after you are finished loading and we pick up the loaded Freight trailer. We then move it back to the Freight terminal where we co-load commercial goods such as computers, TV's or VCR's into any empty space that remains.

3. Your shipment is then driven to your new hometown by a Freight carrier where it will be held at our nearby Freight terminal until you are ready to move your belongings into your new home. Don't worry if the trailer arrives before you, we can hold your goods at the terminal for 2 days free of charge

4. Lastly, you unload the trailer and call us to pick up the empty trailer. Get Started right now by using our instant online moving quote system.


We now supply plywood separation and a loading ramp for your convenience!


Help U Move - The DITY (Do it yourself) Moving Solution

Help-U-Move, a Freight agent, is the low cost, hassle free alternative to a rental truck or an expensive full service mover. We save you time and money by helping you move yourself. Moving with Help-U-Move is fast, easy and can be a lot less expensive than a moving company or rental truck. Move yourself and save with our self moving truck rental.

Our Mission....
To provide you with a way of safely moving your belongings from one location to another and take the headaches out of moving! We do this by using some of the best trucks in the industry.

Are you moving out of state and want an alternative to the traditional moving company or rental truck? Consider a Help-U-Move where we provide the trailer for you to load, we transport your belongings and you unload the trailer. Compare our prices to a rental truck or a full service mover and you will see why moving with Help-U-Move is the right move.